ecoutez les vitrines sonores

Today is my last day in Lens, at least for the moment. It is time to pack, and it is time to return to England, where my next project awaits. It seems strange to leave as over the last few months I have become accustomed to living here, and have felt very welcome in the town.  With the installation complete, in the last few days I have had the opportunity to make a short movie teaser for the project. Emilie, from the Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme, accompanied me on my last install (a week ago) and filmed the process on her mobile phone.  I think the film nicely captures the install process as well as the enthusiasm of the host retailer together with the resulting customer interest in a way that has been typical of all the other installations around the town.

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  1. PMB

     /  August 29, 2014

    Comment ca va, Monsieur Jarvise.

    I saw the YouTube clip of Les Vitrines Sonores and very much enjoyed it, the
    sounds you’d gathered and shaped were really evocative. Normally when an arts
    project is brought to the community, the arts officer looks for an existing
    group who match the tick-boxes attached to the funding and then recruits a
    bunch of ‘community’ whose principal qualification for participation is their
    total disinterest in and ineptitude at the artform they’re experiencing. It’s
    really refreshing to see your work interacting happily and easily with the
    public in a cheerful cafe. That surely should be the UK model for engaging the



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